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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2022

March 24, 2022 by Sarra Cannon

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Can you believe it’s already almost April and time for Camp NaNoWrimo? Who’s planning to write with me and set some new goals for the month? I can’t wait to chat with you about what I’m writing, my goals, and share my new workbook for Camp NaNoWriMo.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how to sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo, what I’m working on this year, and a brand new free workbook with trackers. Check it out below or over on YouTube.

How To Join Camp NaNoWriMo

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Free Camp Nano Workbook

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    Join Camp NaNoWriMo

    Joining Camp is super easy. If you’ve already signed up for NaNo in the past, simply log into your account and create a new project. Make sure to associate it with Camp NaNoWriMo April 2022!! If you want to see a detailed walkthrough of how to join and start a project (or work from an old project), watch my YouTube video above.

    Remember that you can set any goal you want for Camp, so feel free to set an editing goal, a “minutes worked” goal, or a smaller word count goal than you might have for the National Novel Writing Month event in November.

    Prep Your Novel for NaNo

    Half the battle when it comes to success during any NaNo event is making sure you’re prepared for it in advance. I have a ton of free resources that can help you get started either plotting your novel or setting up your editing and revisions plan.

    For more on How To Plot Your Novel for NaNoWriMo, check out this link. I also have a great series on How To Edit Your Novel here.

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    Join The Heart Breathings Writing Community

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    I’m excited you’re thinking about joining Camp NaNoWriMo with me. I don’t know about you, but I could really use some extra motivation and accountability right now. Let me know in the comments what you’ll be working on this year.

    Sarra Cannon


    1. Cynthia says:

      I joined your email list but I have never received any emails. I really would like the camp nano workbook. Please help!!

      1. Sarra says:

        Hi Cynthia,

        I’m sorry to hear that you’re not receiving emails. Can you confirm if you used mail4cynthia1@yahoo.com to subscribe and I can look into it for you!


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