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How To Make 2019 Your Best Year As A Writer

December 4, 2018 by Sarra Cannon

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December is truly one of my favorite months of the year, because it’s time to look back on what we’ve accomplished so far and look ahead to what we hope to get done in the coming year. One of my favorite thing to do in December is set my goals and daydream about how to make this next year the best year ever.

In today’s video, I’m sharing my Top 5 tips on How To Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever As A Writer.

Own Your Goals In 2019

  1. Know Where You Want To Go: Having a clear vision of what you want your life to look like and how you want to feel is vital to having your best year. It helps to clear away all the distractions and really look deep inside yourself to find out what you really do want.
  2. Be Realistic: As writers, many of us have this chronic problem of biting off more than we can chew or ridiculously overestimating how much we can get done in a year. To make 2019 your best year yet, it’s time to get realistic about how much time you have and what you can get done. This will help you to focus in on what truly matters, rather than expecting yourself to magically be working at max capacity for all 365 days of the year.
  3. Focus on Joy, Not Fear: When we focus on the scary parts of being a writer (like actually, you know, finishing the book and giving people the chance to criticize it), we tend to sabotage our own plans. Instead, when you start to notice patterns of self-sabotage or you start to hold yourself back due to fear, try flipping it on its head and focus on the joy of creating instead. Whenever you feel fear, stop and think, instead, of what makes you happy and why you are writing in the first place.
  4. Surround Yourself With Positive People: It’s pretty much impossible for anyone to be positive all the time, but if you get in the habit of surrounding yourself with people who truly have your best interest at heart (and also distancing from the people who don’t), you are setting yourself up for massive success. Having a support system of people who want to see you succeed is truly priceless.
  5. Be Deliberate and Intentional About Your Time: For me, this tip kind of wraps it all up into one. Once you know what you truly want, have set up a realistic schedule for your life, it’s time to be deliberate about where you choose to spend that precious time you do have. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall or being a slave to every single distraction that comes along. Figure out what matters most to you and focus your time there. Create a plan that sets you up for success, and you’re going to have your best year ever.

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Live Writing Goals Session Saturday, December 8th

Also, I’ll be doing a YouTube Live over on my channel this Saturday, December 8th, to walk through how to set realistic writing goals for 2019. If you want to join me, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and have your notifications turned on.

I’ll see you there!


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