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What To Do When You Get Stuck With Novel Edits

February 22, 2024 by Sarra Cannon

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I’m still knee deep in edits for The Disappearance of Vanessa Shaw over here, and I have to admit – it’s been emotionally challenging to stick with this for so long. Have you ever been working on a project and just felt like you were stuck? Or you weren’t sure how to keep moving forward?

Today on YouTube, I’m sharing the top 10 things that help me move forward in my editing when I’m feeling stuck or uncertain. I’m also sharing some mindset tips for when it’s hard to keep showing up. Head to YouTube to watch now.

There are lots of fun videos coming up like a March Reset, a video on how to stay focused when you’re distracted, as well as a new Notebook Challenge.

I have been thinking of switching up my posting schedule and moving to a weekend upload instead of Thursdays. What are your thoughts? I’m going to post a poll on my YT community tab and Instagram stories coming up, or you can hit “reply” and let me know if day of the week matters to you for new uploads!

I’ll be in New Orleans for the Future of Publishing Mastermind next week, so if you’ll be there, come say hello! Otherwise, I’ll see you all over in the comments on YouTube.

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